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Duty to Act, LLC (DTA) is a Tactical Outfitter company that provides our clients with best gear to fit their personal objectives and then trains them how to best use it. As CQD-Denver, Tactical Training Center we offer “The best training available today” to prepare individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones against the real-world threats that dominate our daily headline news.

Learn Like the Professionals

Utilizing the same non-lethal Simunition® brand safety products that are used by Military and Law Enforcement, students will receive the most real world tactical defense and firearms training available today without the restrictions, noise or lethal potential of live ammunition.

Close Quarters Defense® system

For over 20 years the Close Quarters Defense® system has been utilized by the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams and has been adopted by various other elite Law Enforcement and Federal Government operational teams. As a licensed CQD training facility, CQD-Denver now offers this training in the form of personal defense in everyday life and within the home.

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